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VocaWars 1000


The easy way to learn English


No need to study. Just play the game !

You will learn the most useful 1000 words.

Play solo or battle against other players !

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How to Play


Watch the image and guess the correct word. 10 questions per round.

Solo Mode

Guess the correct word before time runs out. You receive 10 gold coins per correct answer. The timer is set to 5 seconds by default. You can change this in Settings but then you will not earn any coin.


Here, you must be faster than your opponent. The timer is set to 5 seconds and cannot be changed. You can play against (1) any connected player in the world, or (2) a friend. When playing with a friend, one player must create a room and a secret code. The second player can enter the room with that code. You need 100 gold coins to play a Multiplayer game: the winner takes 100 coins from the loser. 


You can choose your username and adjust game settings here.


Stats keeps a record of your performance. "Force" is your average score x win rate.

Match Log

Match Log shows the results of your last 5 battles.



1. Is the app free? - Yes, this app is totally free. No in-app purchases and no ads: you get access to the full game !

2. How do I download the app? - Download the app on Apple's App Store or Google Play Store. For mainland China, download the Chinese iOS version from App Store for China. The android version is currently not available for mainland China. You can use the links to the stores on top of this page.

3. The app is not working. - Check if you have Internet connection (wifi or data). The app must connect to the server, even if you play alone in Solo mode. Don't worry: the app uses very little data.

4. Multiplayer: I want to leave the "Waiting for an opponent" page. - With the android version, you can leave with the "Back" button of your phone / tablet. Apple devices don't have this button: close the app and open it again.

5. Multiplayer: I want to leave during a battle. - Use the "X" Exit button on the top right side of the screen. If you leave, your opponent wins automatically by 10 to 0. Leaving using the "Home" button during a battle is not recommended: your opponent will still win the game but only after 5~7 seconds. Try to finish the game, and if you really have to leave, use the "X" Exit button.

6. Leaving the app using the "Home" button and then coming back - The app will need 3~5 seconds to reload. On some devices, this can take a little longer. If you start a new game before reloading is done, your game might be interrupted. If that happens, close the app and launch it again.

7. Other minor issues - We could not test the app on all existing devices. If there is a minor issue, please close the app and launch it again.

8. I have a question. / I want to report an issue. - Send an email to info@play2smart.com or contact us through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Thank you for playing VocaWars 1000 !


Info about the game


The 1000 words used in the game were selected on the basis of (1) frequency, (2) usefulness in everyday conversations, and (3) their importance in building English vocabulary. If a person masters these core 1000 words, he/she will have enough vocabulary for basic communication in every situation.


Pictures / Content

Each picture was carefully chosen and edited in order to match the correct answer as closely as possible. Also, we have done our best to select content that is appropriate for all ages and is not culturally biased. However, please understand that working with stock photos has its limitations.

More a game than a learning app

Many users will play the game to learn English but you can also play VocaWars just for fun.

VocaWars is an exciting quiz game, especially in Battle mode !



Created & Edited by Joon Han

App Design by Joon Han & Usama Ahsan

Unity Development by Digiservnetwork.com

Pictures from Adobe Stock (~750) & Pexels (~250)

Icons from Flaticon

Music from W.O.W Sound

Sound from Patrick de Arteaga